You actually don't have to even attempt that song, I was just saying it as a joke. But what about Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Radio Mix) by YELLE? That one is rather upbeat... If that one doesn't work, maybe the original? Sorry, not very good at choosing what might be good. Also, what is your favorite kind of music?

-_-;; Sorry. I never know when people are pulling my leg or not. Though, you are right about Comme Un Enfant (again, new song for me!) It might make for a good track.

My favorite type of music? Oh, dear. Most of the tunes I have are soundtracks, progressive rock, or pop.

In a way, I kind of feel uncomfortable discussing what kind of music I like. I suppose most people do, though. Music is such a personal preference for people. It brings a lot of gut reactions out of people. Like, I think there’s a special place in hell for DJs who cut out the “Foreplay” section from Boston’s “Long Time.” But many people aren’t down for listening to organ noodling for two and a half minutes, and to me, that’s a shame.

what about "i wanna fuck you in the ass" by the outhere brothers

I never heard this song before tonight.

I don’t know if it would be a very engaging song, once you drop the vocals. The percussion’s okay, though.

May I link you to this?

Would anyone have a recommendation for a tune you’d like me to try and sequence in FamiTracker? I could use the practice.

It helps if you can provide music sheets, but I sometimes do try scoring tunes by ear. Like…don’t sweat it if you want me to do Little Mermaid songs. I’ve got three goddamn piano books full o’ that!

Good Sniper experience: Getting a headshot on a Medic, then watching that magical +2 appear as his corpse falls down crackling, knowing that you’ve prevented an uber from stalling your teammates.

Perfect Sniper experience: Accidentally landing on a Medic and Heavy making out behind the timbers in Barnblitz, killing the Medic with a quick/lucky headshot, then escaping the Heavy’s big, meaty fists of wrath, all while whooping like a stooge.

You know, I don’t know if it’s a good sign or not if I end up looking up fish anatomy after reading porn. Though, I did learn that most fish don’t have a cloaca, contrary to what I thought. So learning happened!

I feel this is a problem than Free! fans must frequently have.

I feel like I’m turning into one of those Facebook moms that posts coddling messages and embarrasses the hell out of her kids.